Scrap Circuits

Electronic circuits made out I made this project along with a group of kids at Digitaf kindergarten. It consists of Separate electric blocks which can be connected to establish working electronic circuits. There are three kinds of blocks: Battery - a battery pack of two to three AA or AAA batteries; Switch - an ON-OFF trigger which closes and opens the circuit; Actuators - motors, buzzers and lights that come to life when connected. All of the components were dismantled out of old toys, unused electric machines and broken mechanical devices.

Or Shoval - Scrap Circuits


First step was to make the alligator clips cables. I brought old CCTV cables and the kids took out the black and red wires, I cut them into a stack of 30 cm long wires which we later soldered to black and red alligator clips. Second step was cutting pieces of wood to small bricks, sanding them to a smooth finish and then finding components we had previously dismantled and attaching them to the wooden bricks. Third and last step was to insert two nails to each block and solder wires between them and the components. The kids involved in the making process went through an empowering experience working with real tools and making something useful for the rest of their friend to play with.


This in an interactive educational toy, it lets kids explore the worlds of electronics and mechanics by allowing hands on experience and it teaches basic concepts within those worlds. Each combination of blocks will result in a different outcome. You can make a simple circuit with a battery and a motor of a very complex one using all of the blocks together.