A project I made along with Katie Levine, Ohad Meyuhas and Ronit Eisenbach for Beit Hagefen gallery in Haifa, ISRAEL. It consists of two main parts: an inside table at the inner part of the gallery and a long table unfolding out from the gallery and onto the street.

A long structure unfolding out from the gallery and onto the street, while taking the shape of the gallery and street. It consists of 8 tables connected by bridges.

A 120X480cm table made out of 3D milled plywood, coated with thermochromic black paint which becomes transparent when heated.


Most of the time spent on this project was during the planning prossess. There were a lot of different aspects to consider and plan in advance so that everything will fit together. We had an extremely tight budget and were forced to maneuver within its limits to bring the project to life.


fabriction & Assembly

It took 4 days to assemble everything together. Starting with painting the steel pipes, through the assembling of the pipe frames and finally the placement of the table plates and setting of the structures to the ground.

The inner table had more stages in its making process: First we took photos of 8 stages of a meal, starting with preparation of food, through first and main courses finalizing with dessert with coffee. we edited the photos into one big picture and used a CNC milling machine to 3D carve the picture onto two Plywood sheets according the the darkness in the photo. next step was to gently sand the wood and finally apply 2 layers of thermochromic black paint.

Festival day

The festival was held for a whole weekend with more than 10K people from around the country and abroad.