School year is over and I'm a DAD

It has been a long time since last post and a lot has happened since.

The school year is over and I am on summer break. To sum up the year in a couple of words - challenging, inspiring, and lots of fun. I had learned a lot from the experience and there is more work to do for next year, which would be the children's last year before 1st grade and the plan is to get them ready and above average.

Just a note for the new readers: I work as a technology teacher at Digitaf, a technological kindergarten located in an immigrant neighborhood in Holon and our mission is to improve the area through the kids. 

Most of the kids in Digitaf don't have a computer at home, they started the year with nearly no technological knowledge. Nowadays every toddler knows how to handle a smartphone or tablet, but they started fresh. By the end of the year they learned how to use a digital camera, zoom in and out and some of them even know how to transfer the pictures to the computer via SD card. They learned to use a desktop computer, starting from basic use of the mouse, through different 2D raster programs, web searches and even 3D design using Tinkercad. We taught them how to measure lengths and weight, disassemble toys and electronics and connect materials using a variety of techniques, they even learned how to choose a 3D model from Thingiverse and send it to a 3D printer. Eventually they all gained a large set of tools to be creative and bring their ideas to life.

A few weeks before the school year was over I became a dad, my first daughter was born and I can't be happier. She is so small, gentle and sweet. Since then I still have moments when I realize I'm a father. 

Just after Nina was born, my spouse and I decided to try the co-sleeping method. It's basically putting your baby to sleep with you in bed. This method is encouraging breast feeding, it gives the baby a sense of security and a better sleep. Nursing babies get a quick response to their hunger during the night so they continue the sleep cycle. In addition, the child feels the breath of his parents and synchronizes his or her breaths.

In order to make it easy to move her from her bed, we decided to attach her bed to ours and I made it my mission to build her bed by myself from scratch. I started by making a 3D model with Solidworks. The bed floats on an acrylic frame and attaches next to our bed.

I cut the wooden bars, sanded them and connected everything using screws and wood glue, I rounded the corners from the inside and outside and varnished the wood. The frame of the bed is made out of laser cut 4 mm acrylic sheets, fastened with 3D printed connectors I designed.

Nina is enjoying her new bed very much, but I just realized that a cradle is usually good for about four to six months... I might be back at the workshop sooner than I thought.