A Digital Kindardarten

These are my thoughts on being a kindergarten teacher 

After 6 months of working as a kindergarten teacher I can truly say that I have found my calling. It has been a wonderful experience so far.

Digitaf is the first technological kindergarten in Israel and its vision is to dare dream, imagine, and design the future kindergarten.
Our goal is to examine whether it is important to promote the use of technology at the early childhood, and how to develop skills for the 21st century.

At this point we do not provide answers. We are asking, experimenting, learning, and enjoying the experience.

Like any kindergarten, it's purpose is to provide an environment that supports and strengthens the processes of early childhood development by sensory experience, exploration, choice, personal initiative, interaction with other children and adults, productivity and creativity while combining digital media during the children's daily activities.

In this photo is a toy figure of me that we made as a part of the toy project. The toy project is an ongoing activity that we run all year long: The kids bring old toys from home and we repair, modify or disassemble them while learning what they are made of and how they work, and then we use the parts to create new toys.